Parrish Civic Association, Inc.

"Become a Member - Be the Voice"

Parrish Area Business Alliance

Parrish Area Business Alliance

“Building Success Together”

Parrish Civic Association/Parrish Area Business Alliance

The Parrish Area Business Alliance (PABA) networking group represents our business community on the North side of Manatee River. The group meets on the last Friday of each month.

It is a Sub-Committee of the Parrish Civic Association, Inc . a 501c4 non-profit organization whose mission is to “Advocate the interests of the Parrish Community and Preserve its Heritage”.

Become a member of Parrish Civic Association and you also become a member of PABA.


By joining the PABA business community We’re confident you’ll find that membership will help you, your employees and your business thrive as it is designed to:

  • Build Relationships
  • Grow Your Business
  • Sharpen Your Skills
  • Learn New Marketing Skills
  • Meet with Other Local Business Owners
    • Learn about Sponsorships Opportunities
    • for Community Events – Such as
    • Parrish Heritage Day Festival & Chili Cook-off
    • Parrish Hometown Christmas Event
    • Beautification of the Village of Parrish
  • Exchange Business Cards
  • Monthly Luncheons, Coffee Connections and Fun after Five Events

PABA Co-Chairs

Stephen Reha, S&S Electrical Supply

Carey Gerardi, M-CAT Social Media Marketing and Promotions

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